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Emma, aged 29

A man followed me from From St Anne’s Road, down Hemmingway to Ellesmere road. I had just had a back op and was walking to a friend’s to build up my muscles. I had noticed a man who I had seen before on my way, it was in the day time and I could tell he was following me so I lit a cigarette to let him walk ahead of me. I looked up and he gave me a cold stare in my eyes, I am sure he had watched me before because it became apparent he knew the route I was taking. I noticed he was walking towards my normal route after he passed me so I choose to walk a different way where there was workmen. To my horror he turned back on himself and followed me that way. I knew right away he was following me after that and he wanted me to know so I phoned a friend to meet me and he walked away once she came.
Few years later I found out he had done this to other people and even walked into a woman’s house.

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