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Verbally abused

Aged 53

I was walking away from town on my lunch break. A man walked out of Cash Converters looking at his phone and not looking at the street. I swerved to avoid bumping into him, but we bumped arms. I said something like “whoops” as it was no one’s fault – just one of those things, but he yelled at me “You stupid bitch, watch where you are going. Stupid bitch, are you blind?”. I was shocked, but walked away as he was really angry. He continued to shout at me as I walked down Church St – “stupid bitch – should have gone to Specsavers” repeatedly until I was way past St John’s school. The street was busy, but no one intervened.
It was a completely over the top reaction on his part which left me shaken, especially as I had been physically grabbed by a man who was heavily under the influence of alcohol outside The Regent only days before.

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