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Verbally abused

30th April 2023

Bystander account

I had the windows open in my bedroom and can hear pretty much everything on the street and promenade. I was having a coffee and heard some commotion – not unusual. I heard a man’s voice shout really loud ‘got any crack’ and the a group of male voices erupt into laughter. I then heard what sounded like a young woman respond saying ‘fuck off’. The man shouted back ‘that’s not very nice is it you slag’. At this point I went to look outside and could see that the girl was much younger than the group of men who were all 50+ and was entering the building next door, which is residential accommodation. I then left the room to go and find my phone to try and record it, so I can’t report on what the exact words were but I could hear the males voice shouting and the tone was abusive. When I returned to the window, most of the group had got inside a minibus, there was still two men outside. The man who had initially started the abuse was now urinating on a van next to the minibus, whilst shouting abuse to the girl in the window. She was by now responding with equally abusive language. The other man was laughing and goading the girl. Eventually he got in the minibus and it drove away.

See a video of this incident here.