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Sexual assault

Aged 15/16


In year 11, I got sat next to a boy in maths class. We had been sat next to each other the whole year and had got to know each other well so I saw him as a friend. When we left the classroom one day, I was walking in front of him. We were the last ones to leave so there was no one behind him to see what happened. He put his hand up the back of my skirt and tried to insert his fingers. They didn’t go all the way in but it was enough for me to feel pain.

I was in shock and didn’t want to make a scene so I went into the toilets and cried. I told a friend and the teachers found out. They pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to speak to someone, but I declined as I knew it was my word against his. I wasn’t very popular in school but he was. I was scared that that if I took it any further no one would believe me and it would lead to further bullying.