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Sexual assault

Lucy, aged 26


There has been a number of occasions that I have been into xxxx bar and one man in particular has consistently sexually harassed and assaulted me.

The first instance he put his hand up my skirt and laughed at me when I asked what he was doing. I felt extremely uncomfortable and violated. He was then removed from the venue.

The second and third occurrence he grabbed my bum, both of which happened on different nights. He was also removed from the venue both times.

The fourth time I ever saw him he grabbed my bum and tried to disguise it as an attempt to dance with me. A friend I was with witnessed the incident and put himself in between us. The man then decided to try and fight my friend. Once again he was removed from the venue.

The last time i saw him I was stood outside the galleon and he walked past. He noticed me and laughed as he obviously recognised who I was. Before even entering the venue I warned the bouncers who informed me they would have him removed if he spoke to me.

I tried very hard to avoid this man all night. However, whilst walking up the stairs he grabbed my arm in an attempt to pull me down. Again he acted like nothing had happened but he was removed from the venue.

This man is out almost every weekend and gets around many bars in Blackpool. I am now very fearful of this man everytime I go out. I worry he could pop up anywhere. On top of that I feel like he purposely targets me like it’s just a game to him.