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Physical assault/verbal harassment

Beth, aged 22


I had been to the nightclub a week prior and had lost my jacket. I tried to get in touch with the venue after the night but couldn’t, so I thought I would just pop in on my way home after seeing some friends. I was completely sober, not that anyone should have to mention this when reporting any form of harassment.

It was a Saturday night, so quite busy, but it was still early so the queues weren’t as big as they usually get outside on the weekend. I waited my turn in the queue until I got to the front, but by this point there was quite a rowdy group behind me. They were pushing back and forward, so I stepped forward slightly to avoid getting pushed any further.

The bouncer working on the door (bald, stocky, angry-looking) then proceeded to shove me hard in the chest, so much so that I almost fell over into the crowd behind me. I was wearing a low-cut top and so he essentially grabbed my boob in the process, though I can’t say if this was intentional.

I asked why he did that and said I was just here to ask about my missing jacket, then he said I was ‘too f**king drunk’ and wouldn’t let me in. I said I wasn’t drunk, I got pushed forward by the people behind me, and he told me to ‘f*ck off’.

It was a completely irrational response and clearly just an attempt at having some power as many doormen seem intent on doing. This is not the only time I’ve experienced abnormal behaviour from door staff at this club and have heard all sorts of stories – including some about door staff confiscating drugs and then selling them on, as well as allowing underage girls into the club if they’re hot enough.