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Tilly, Aged 25


I was working on the night in question. It had happened before but this night in particular is straight up obvious where it came from. I was working in town and xxx (club) was my last stop of the night. I had been on bottled water all night and not touched anything else. It was a few minutes passed 11pm as that was my finish time and I went to the bar to the right as you walk in to order a drink – my first and only drink.

The moment I had the glass in my hand I drank it all there and then and did not leave the bar or put my drink down anywhere, it was gone within minutes. From there I walked across the room to the stairs that had just been opened to go upstairs and started walking up. I got very whoozy and knew something was wrong before I even got upstairs, I went straight to the front to door staff and was wobbling and struggling to talk by this point, I asked the door staff for help and said I had been spiked and they laughed saying I drank too much.

I started to walk away and from this point my memory is patchy but the Walkabout door staff and family had told me what happened. I walked up outside Walkabout to a doorman there I have known for 10 years and he knew straight away I wasn’t right. Before I managed to get to him fully I collapsed to the floor so he pulled me against the wall and sat me up, called my dad and sister to say I was spiked and to come get me.

My sister got me in the car with help from the door staff at Walkabout and drove home, in this time I kept falling and hitting my head on the dashboard or door as I couldn’t sit up. My dad rushed to my house to meet my sister there and had police pull up behind him from speeding but as soon as they saw me they let him off as saw the circumstances.

My sister and dad spent the rest of the night taking care of me trying to have me eat dry toast or drink water but struggled as I couldn’t lift my arms much or move around. I fell off the sofa a couple of times…. Luckily my dad had seen this before from working hospitality all his life so he knew what to do to make sure I was safe etc but if my instincts hadn’t have kicked in to get to the doorman I knew, I dread to think what could have happened. What does happen to others.

I got lucky to have known the right people. I spent three days bed bound as couldn’t do much. The next day a close friend of mine contacted management and her instant response was ‘some girls just don’t know how to handle their alcohol’. She knew she messed up as deleted it right after but still refused to look further or take any information on the matter, made it clear she was not bothered.

I later went and saw the owner as I know him through my work and explained what happened. He expressed concern and told me they already have an ongoing investigation against possible staff members spiking girls, knowing the date and time of mine he said he would bring up the CCTV and use this to look further. However, nothing happened, no contact and no staff removed, just more and more stories of girls being spiked and nothing happening.