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Lauren, aged 18


I was spiked in xxx (club) in 2018, and instead of the venue helping me they kicked me out. The bouncers watched whilst I was sat outside, on the floor, puking blood for hours. I didn’t know my name, my address, where I was or what to do, I have a slim recollection of the evening.

Anything could’ve happened to me, anyone could’ve taken me or done anything to me (and they might have, I have no idea). I had no idea what had happened, but I woke up the next day to a message request from a man I didn’t know, asking if I’m ok. He explained the state I was in, and he found me alone outside, he had sat with me for two hours until I stopped puking, used my fingerprint for my phone to call my mum to find out where I lived, and took me home in a taxi.

My mum was worried sick, and said I walked in with a completely blank expression; ‘like you weren’t even there’ at 8am. For those eight hours I still to this day don’t remember where I was or what happened to me but I’m thankful I was found by a good person that helped me or I don’t know where I would’ve ended up.

I reported this to the manager at the venue at the time, but he just said ‘I’ll check the CCTV’ and never came back to me or apologised, or explained why no help was given. It was brushed off completely, whilst it still affects me five years later.