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Aged 23

10th August 2023

I was out with a friend in St Anne’s, upon walking back to her car around 23:10 there was a man in the bus shelter near Costa wearing a red top. He finished of a pint of beer and threw his glass in the bush next to it, he then turned around and had some roses in his hands and stopped and stared at my friend and I. We decided to walk through the car park instead of around the pavement to avoid him. We then noticed a group of young girls walking on the opposite side of Clifton drive parallel to the bus stop.

We watched the man notice the young girls and he crossed the road and proceeded to follow them. Obviously this didn’t sit right with us so we got to the car and decided to check the girls were okay, only to pull onto the road and see the girls had crossed over the road and so had the guy who was speed walking following them. We drove up to the girls to make them aware they were panicked but we drove along side them until they were home. Unfortunately this is not the end.

After my friend had dropped me home she had a SECOND encounter of another young woman walking home drunk on her own being followed by a group of men in a car telling her to get in (she wish she had the chance to get the reg however she describes it as a black Audi) my friend proceeded to drive next to the woman and made sure she got home safe too.