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Verbally Abused/ Indecent Exposure

E Ellis, Aged 52-53


The incidents involved a male neighbour who has also been reported to the authorities for noise nuisance. There has been more than one occurrence. The first that I recall was some time before Christmas.

My husband and I sometimes shout to each other from one room of our property to another. For example, my husband might be in the kitchen with the extractor fan on, and I might shout from the back room or the living room to ask him something (e.g.do you want me to cook dinner tonight or wash up?). He might shout back a response.

On one occasion the neighbour called round to complain. He assumed we were having an argument and he obviously felt that he needed to get involved and give advice. He was grumbling at us, but at one point during the conversation he made a sexist comment. He said to me directly” “Don’t speak to your husband like that”. He then added that he thought I was like his ex, who he accused of behaving like a princess. He tried to insinuate that I was demanding and always asking my husband to do housework. He accused me unfairly of being the only person shouting and added: “Women’s voices always carry more than men’s”.

I was pretty offended by this because my husband was obviously shouting too. It’s how we communicate from one room to another. Following this incident the neighbour engaged more than ever in making noise nuisance of his own. He is apparently stamping and banging around his property and it sounds like a construction site.

We have tried to ask for quiet and on one occasion this escalated to him trying to pick a fight with my husband. He then insulted me by calling me a crazy bitch. He then pulled his pants down in the street outside our property (which is where the incident took place), exposing his backside in front of myself, another female neighbour who was talking to me and my husband, and in front of my husband too. We reported it to the police who paid him a visit to give him a warning.