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Catcalling and verbal abuse

Under 30


I am the daughter of a farmer and was brought up in the culture. You don’t know what it’s like until you’re in it and believe me, it’s gotten worse but how much of that is due to the industry we are in? My world is farming and I hate it – I suffered catcalling and abuse in Blackpool but this happens all the time.

Our animals, especially female animals, are treated terribly – and it’s just our farm either. We constantly force cows to reproduce and give birth to animals that we immediately take away for slaughter, forcibly impregnating cows – I thought all of this was normal until I was on the receiving end of the abuse.

I cannot escape my industry, my family will disown me and the farmers will turn on me but how can we call ourselves feminists if we have female animals suffering too, but because we eat them, it’s supposedly okay?

I genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that the levels of sexual harassment, violence, and assault in our industry is so bad because, especially our men, are given the opportunities to exert ultimate control over animals, they are allowed to impregnate animals daily regardless of whether they want it or not, and they prepare animals for slaughter. It’s the ultimate form of masculinity wrapped up in permission given by people who create demand for our products.

One day I will have the strength to leave this industry but right now, I have nothing without it. So if I have to suffer sexual harassment and abuse, I’ll have to accept that as an occupational hazard. After all, if the public are happy to buy animal products after cows have been effectively assaulted and impregnated, why would I believe that any of them want to save us from sexual harassment?