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Author - Antonia Stack

Sexually assaulted

Nicole, aged 18 2011 In the old Tache I just remember walking in a queue to go outside for a cigarette whilst there was a queue leading back inside, and as the queues passed one another. Someone...

Threat of rape

Amanda, aged 47

December, 2023

Walking to work at 9.05 in the morning I was stopped by a man who said “I’m gonna fuck you real good”.


Bella, aged 19 2019 After arguing with my boyfriend on a night out he left me crying in the street. About two minutes later a group of five lads all crowded around me, berating me and making fun of...

Indecent exposure

E, aged 18 2020 I was on the number 3 bus home when a man sat at the back a few seats down from me. I could feel him staring at me but I chose to ignore it until I heard heavy breathing. When I...

Spiked and sexually assaulted

Kate, aged 28 October 2023 My drink was spiked with GHB in xxx. I was then separated from my friend and taken to another club by a DJ and two of his friends. They then dumped me on the side of road...

Intrusive staring

Aged 14 2020 I got of the bus and was walking home. I passed a man in a bus stop and smiled at him, just being polite, and and then he looked me up and down and stared at my skirt, then he looked up...


Aged 17


A guy followed me to the corner shop before work. Later that day after work I was wold whistled by another guy.

Wolf whistled

Aged 17 2023 I was coming out of my internship and a man turned around and wolf whistled at me and then stared at me as I walked to my mums car. That same day before work another guy followed me to...


Aged 32 2023 I had just come out the shop, had my headphones in but nothing playing. I walked past two older men sat on the wall outside the shop. They must have assumed I couldn’t hear them as...


Aged 33 2023 I went to drop off a Vinted parcel at the Post Office. Turned around to walk out of the shop and a man was stood in my way, blocking the way out. He muttered “we have to stop meeting...

Wolf whistled

12th October 2023


Aged 32

I was wolf whistled as I was walking out of my place of work, it put the dampeners on what was otherwise a productive day.