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Tamzin White, Aged 24 2024 I was walking to work on my usually route along West Park Drive. The same men drive past EVERY other day without fail. At first I put it down to the time of day being the same each day but I’ve recently changed hours and they seem to know if it’s an 11am I’m in...

Sexual Assault

1986/7 I had gone out with friends to “Your Father’s Moustache” (the Tache), as I love alternative music. I was with a group of female friends at the time. I was standing with 2 females by the dance floor in the club when we were approached by some young men, one of whom...

Verbally Abused

Aged 30


I was working at an establishment in Lytham square. A male customer was leering/staring at me for a while. He came up to me and said “You look like you’ve just been impregnated.” I still see this man about. He gives me the creeps.


Aged 25


I worked in a public-facing job, and a much older male customer followed me home from work. I confided in a male colleague the following day, who confronted the customer, but he was never barred from the premises.

Verbally Abused


Aged 36

I was walking down Queen Street, and passed two men standing in a doorway. One said to the other loudly “I’d rape HER.”

Followed/ Verbally Abused

Aged 39 2024 I was walking down Talbot Road in the afternoon and noticed I was being followed by a young man. He came right up to my ear from behind and started making strange noises. He was saying words but I couldn’t make out what they were but one sounded like it could have been...

Sexual Abuse/ Stalking/ Grooming/ Domestic Abuse

JS aged 15-35 1998-2017 When I was 15 I went to a house party. This was a friend of a friend, a group of other kids my age drinking cheap cider as was quite typical in the ’90s. Then a man arrived. I’d never met him before, he was introduced as a neighbour and he, oddly...

Attempted Grooming

RK, aged 16 2009 My friend and I would always order a takeaway from a Church Street takeaway (close to the number 3 pub) as it wasn’t far from my house and we would walk down to pick it up. We were there once a week at least for a few weeks, the staff there were always friendly and...


RK, Aged 29 2019 I used to work on Birley Street and a man approx in his 40s would come into our shop quite frequently. He was always a little bit dirty and smelly. He was a customer though so I would always say good morning and tell him to have a nice day. He started coming to the shop...


RK, Aged 14 2006/7 Builders were working on the school on Church Street leading up to the Blue Room and I was walking into town to meet friends. I’ve always had a big chest and as they were high up they were staring down my top and shouting things about my chest and asking me to go...


RK, Aged 19 2011 I was dancing with my friends when a man approached me and said “sorry this was a dare” and proceeded to “motorboat me” and then walked away. I was so shocked that I just froze, and had no idea what to do until my friends pointed out that this had...

Catcalled and chased

Aged 15 2022 When I was walking to my boyfriend’s house for the first time a man with his top off on a bike started to look at me across the road smiling. I smiled back but he must have taken that for something else and he rode his bike behind me for a minute and then went in front...