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Tamzin White, Aged 24 2024 I was walking to work on my usually route along West Park Drive. The same men drive past EVERY other day without fail. At first I put it down to the time of day being the same each day but I’ve recently changed hours and they seem to know if it’s an 11am I’m in...


Aged 25


I worked in a public-facing job, and a much older male customer followed me home from work. I confided in a male colleague the following day, who confronted the customer, but he was never barred from the premises.

Followed/ Verbally Abused

Aged 39 2024 I was walking down Talbot Road in the afternoon and noticed I was being followed by a young man. He came right up to my ear from behind and started making strange noises. He was saying words but I couldn’t make out what they were but one sounded like it could have been...

Catcalled and chased

Aged 15 2022 When I was walking to my boyfriend’s house for the first time a man with his top off on a bike started to look at me across the road smiling. I smiled back but he must have taken that for something else and he rode his bike behind me for a minute and then went in front...



Aged 24

I was in a big group if girls and this guy was walking uncomfortably close to us. When we stopped he continued for a bit and then turned back around. We ended up losing him by going in a shop.



Aged 24

A dark blue car was always waiting at end of Lime Grove for weeks. After a few weeks noticed the man inside was masturbating while watching me walk past at about 7:10 am every morning . Police informed.


Bella, aged 19 2019 After arguing with my boyfriend on a night out he left me crying in the street. About two minutes later a group of five lads all crowded around me, berating me and making fun of me. When I walked away they all followed me my entire walk home taking pictures of me...


Aged 17


A guy followed me to the corner shop before work. Later that day after work I was wold whistled by another guy.


Aged 23 10th August 2023 I was out with a friend in St Anne’s, upon walking back to her car around 23:10 there was a man in the bus shelter near Costa wearing a red top. He finished of a pint of beer and threw his glass in the bush next to it, he then turned around and had some...

Followed home

C, aged 32 2023 I was driving home when another vehicle cut me up at the Oxford junction. I pressed my horn as I slammed on my car brakes. The male driver of the other vehicle waved and made hand gestures at me. I continued my route home which happened to be behind this vehicle. The...


Aged 40, 2001

I was walking home at midnight when a man drove past me. He then turned round and passed me the other way, slowing down and staring at me. He proceeded to do this several times for the length of the road between the airport and the Halfway House.


Aged 25 27th April 2023 A friend and I were walking through town with our skateboards talking to each other, a man approached us loudly asking why we weren’t riding our skateboards, asking us to do tricks for him, and if we can ollie, he followed us to church street until he became...


Aishley 25th April 2023 I was walking down the lower promenade mid morning in daylight. Occasionally stopping to take a photo or a video I noticed a man ahead who kept looking back at me, had slowed his pace down and I found it uncomfortable as my gut told me he was hanging back to talk...