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Wolf whistled

12th October 2023


Aged 32

I was wolf whistled as I was walking out of my place of work, it put the dampeners on what was otherwise a productive day.



Went for a drink with friends. Blacked out after a couple of drinks and couldn’t remember what happened until woke up next morning. A friend told me I must have been spiked.


2023 Aged 30 I was in my gym clothes (knee length shorts, baggy t-shirt, hoodie) and a man of a similar age starts grunting at me. Starts giving me digs like “oooh come on love” pretending to lift weights. I replied “No, don’t do that” as he walked off...


Aged 19, 2023

While out with girl friends in XXX one of my friends was clearly spiked. The door staff and management fobbed it off. Instead of helping they chucked my friend out. Disgusting that venues like this operate this way in this day and age.


Aged 18

11 August 2023

I was walking my dog along Garstang Road east in Poulton when a man in a BMW slowed down quickly and wound his window down to say “you’re a sexy girl”.


Councillor Jo Farrell, aged 52

I was waiting at the bus stop and a car drove past me and a man in the passenger seat shouted to me “get your tits out”.


MB, aged 29

I drank my female friend’s drink because she didn’t want it and soon realised it had been spiked. I suffered the consequences myself and fortunately not one of my female friends but I’m still not ok.

Physically assaulted

Georgia, aged 23 2017 After a night out with friends in Poulton, we decided to call it a night and grab some food and get a taxi together home. I went ahead of my friends to get in the queue at the takeaway, as I stepped into the doorway of the takeaway, a man, aged 18-25, with no warning...


Aged 23 10th August 2023 I was out with a friend in St Anne’s, upon walking back to her car around 23:10 there was a man in the bus shelter near Costa wearing a red top. He finished of a pint of beer and threw his glass in the bush next to it, he then turned around and had some...

Sexual harassment

Daisy, aged 15 2022 I went with my friends to skate and someone I used to go to school with was there. The boy showed me a picture of the boy who sexually assaulted me 2 years prior. When I ran away trying to calm myself down and make sure I didn’t start having flashbacks (i have...


Grayson, aged 14

July 2023

I was walking my dog as I stopped at a traffic light waiting the cars to go so I could cross.A man in a car waved money at me and shouted and then drove off.

Physically assaulted

Aged 19  2022 In xxxx a man grabbed my hair and yanked it out of the blue while I was with my mate celebrating. He said he wanted a threesome. I screamed and he ran off that night I have someone collect me as he was outside waiting and no one was gonna help… I fear for my life now...


Aged 19  2022 I was spiked many times in xxxx. I can’t remember many of my nights out and the bar staff did not help during that time. In the same club on one occasion my ex [who had been previously violent] followed me around the club and started on me. He physically assaulted me no...


Aged 18 

Friday 28th July 2023

After being in xxxx nightclub my friend was found outside [another nightclub nearby] covered in sick. They were taken to hospital and doesn’t remember a thing.