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Sexual assault

Aged 25 5th May 2024 I was sexually assaulted by a farmer at 3.30pm. I was outside a shop in the town centre transferring money to buy some sunglasses and as he walked past me he grabbed my ass. He then squeezed the tummy of a woman behind me as he passed her. I feel angry as a 25 year...


Jess, Aged 18


Followed around the shop by male farmers during farmers’ weekend. Made comments about my hair and my body asking if I’d like “a go”.



Aged 24

I was in a big group if girls and this guy was walking uncomfortably close to us. When we stopped he continued for a bit and then turned back around. We ended up losing him by going in a shop.

Verbal abuse

Iz, aged 23 20th April 2024 I got out of a taxi with my partner. A group of men were walking past. One man was particularly loud, he walked in front of me and my partner, shouting at me about how I had ‘got my tits out’. He kept coming towards me until I had to physically push him away...


6th April 2024 Rosie Jones, aged 31 I entered the cafe with my 2 year old and husband. The person who touched me was talking to the women behind the counter he then turned to leave walking towards where I was stood. He raised his hand and I wrongly assumed he was going to place it on my...



Aged 15

I was in a club for someone’s 18th and a boy I knew who was also 18 would keep coming up to me and my friends and groping us from behind.


Kylie Aged 18 2016 My drink had been spiked and I could barely even hold my own head up, was vomiting down myself and was slumped over a table. Rather than helping me or seeing if they could check CCTV to see who had done it, they grabbed me by my wrists and carried me out of the club...


Holly is on a rare childfree night out with her partner Rikki. They’ve just ordered drinks at the bar and before they sit down he decides to go for a smoke outside. She is on her own for less than five minutes. “It wasn’t just one guy – it was a group of mates. I don’t know which one of...


Aishley is nine years old. She and her five-year-old cousin Georgia are playing out on her street, a quiet residential road on the newly built Heron’s Reach housing estate. They venture off their road towards the local shop, a safe distance their parents are happy for them to go in...


Jessica Aged 26 I walked past a building site (scaffolding on a house) and one of the scaffolders shouted “you alright you love? I could do with a woman like you on this building site.” It instantly killed my mood. I was just trying to walk to school to pick up my son. Things like this...


Aged 22 2024 I was stood at the bar ordering a drink whilst my friends were sat at a table not too far away. An older man came up behind me, put both his arms around me on the bar, pushed himself against me and proceeded to kiss my cheek. I asked him to move and leave me alone but he...

Sexual harassment

2024 Aged 21 It was around 7.30pm. I was waiting at the tram stop and a man approached me. He mentioned the weather and we made small talk while we waited for the tram. At first, I thought he was just being friendly until he asked me what my name was and where I lived. I gave him a fake...


2024 Aged 61 I believe I was spiked in a bar in Lytham. Talking to many other women in the St Annes and Lytham area this has happened to them too in the same place. I’m 61 years old and the doormen said it was caused by me taking drugs. I’ve never touched a drug in my life – I...


Ayva I wasn’t sure about posting this but everyone should be aware. I was out in St Anne’s when I became light headed and very faint and my lips started to swell up. I started being unable to breathe properly and headed outside with my sister. My legs then were unable to walk...