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Verbally Abused

Verbally abused/threatened

Aged 36 26th May 2023 I don’t think I’ve ever come face-to-face with such blatant misogyny as I did on this night. Not in my memory at least, although I’m sure there is plenty that I have buried.  I met a guy on a night out who was a long-term childhood friend of friend. He was...

Verbally abused/threatened

Cait Aged 19, 2022 I was promoting for my job at the time, so I was used to the odd comment of drunk men, which still doesn’t make it okay. But this lad actually approached me and said “I’m gonna fucking rape you in a minute”. I just stood back as he waited for my response which took a...

Verbally abused

Liberty, Aged 16


An elderly man repeatedly told me to sit in his lap getting more aggressive each time despite trying to politely turn him down.

Verbally harassed

Aged 20

15th May 2023

[On the number 9 bus] a man asked questions where I lived , my age, who I lived with , if I had a partner and for my number.

Verbally abused

Aged 25

27th April 2023

We were being interviewed by BBC North West about the Reclaim Blackpool when a man walked past and shouted at all of us “F*** HER RIGHT IN THE P****” which they caught on camera. He was walking with a women at the time and then also shouted at a passing dog.

Groped/verbal harassment

Aged 22


I was bent down picking up something off the bottom shelf in Tesco. A much older man grabbed my arse and told me I would look better on my knees looking up at him.

Verbal abuse/followed

01/02/2023 Aged 13 My friend invited me to town but to my surprise once we arrived two 17 year olds came up to us and one of them hugged my friend. She explained to me how it is her boyfriend who her parents don’t want her seeing because, for one he handles with drugs and two, for the...

Verbal abuse

2023 Ava, aged 21 I was wearing a long fur cow print coat, looking super glamorous if I do say so myself, when two scruffy looking boys started to “moo” at me the whole way up the escalator… it was loud and went on for quite some time. In all honesty I just found it embarrassing for them...

Verbal abuse

2022 Ava, aged 21 I’m a very androgynous person… I was wearing a head to toe pink, very alternative/really cool outfit. A group of scruffy boys walked past and started shouting to each other “it’s a boy hahaha, bro it’s literally a boy”. When I am in fact literally a girl, bro. Even if I...


Bystander account by Paul Maynard MP 9/12/2022 I attended the Reclaim the Night march as I believe it is important that everyone can enjoy a night out without fear of intimidation and harassment. The second instance of catcalling I witnessed was on passing Ma Kelly’s where an older...

Verbal abuse and hate speech

2019 Aged 39 Upon walking into the bar a group of men thought it was appropriate to comment on me and my partner sexually. They made explicit jokes “you just need a good ****” not in a funny way that can be passed off – it was aggressive. It felt like if we didn’t leave we would get hurt...