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Wolf Whistled


Nicole, aged 30 2023 Just on my way to work and a delivery guy was going into a car with another guy. As I was walking past, he wolf-whistled and I remember hearing it but when it’s happened so often before you just drown it out and ignore it completely. However, because I ignored this...

Wolf whistled

Aged 17


I was coming out of my internship and a man turned around and wolf whistled at me and then stared at me as I walked to my mums car. That same day before work another guy followed me to the corner shop.

Wolf whistled

12th October 2023


Aged 32

I was wolf whistled as I was walking out of my place of work, it put the dampeners on what was otherwise a productive day.

Wolf whistled

1998 Age 12

My first memory of street harassment around the time I was first allowed to go out alone, by tradesmen working on a construction site while I walked to meet a friend.