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Tamzin, aged 23

I was by the upstairs bar with my boyfriend and his friend when some guy repeatedly “squeezed past” us. It felt like a lot of times to be going up and down from where he was sat. He then did it again and this time grabbed my bum as he walked past with enough force for me to still feel it as he left.

I then informed my boyfriend and his friend what had happened. My boyfriend asked if I wanted him to be spoken to. I was worried it would cause a fight or something so said no. Instead he went off and got him removed. The guy screamed and kicked up a fuss. This made me feel so embarrassed and awful.

The door staff told him if it wasn’t true they would check the cameras in the morning and ring him back to tell him if he could come back to the bar again. This made me feel uncomfortable and as if they didn’t believe what I was saying. We went back up and my boyfriend’s friend said I’d made my boyfriend “boring” now as my boyfriend’s mood had changed. Saying I’d ruined the vibe. I decided I wanted to end the night and we went home. I felt like I was being made to feel stupid for calling out the guy.