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6th April 2024 Rosie Jones, aged 31 I entered the cafe with my 2 year old and husband. The person who touched me was talking to the women behind the counter he then turned to leave walking towards where I was stood. He raised his hand and I wrongly assumed he was going to place it on my...


Bella, aged 19 2019 After arguing with my boyfriend on a night out he left me crying in the street. About two minutes later a group of five lads all crowded around me, berating me and making fun of me. When I walked away they all followed me my entire walk home taking pictures of me...

Groped/verbal harassment

Aged 22


I was bent down picking up something off the bottom shelf in Tesco. A much older man grabbed my arse and told me I would look better on my knees looking up at him.


Aged 13 2018 I went to the slope where the claw machines were because I couldn’t find the friends I came with after coming out the bathroom and stopped near the end of the slope. A man whose face I never saw bumped into me, grabbed my chest/boobs hard before walking away without saying...


Aged 28


On the dancefloor with a group of friends, I felt someone groping my backside from behind me, and another man saying ‘looks like you’re the prize tonight ‘.


Aged 14 2015 I was at school in year 9 and during break I was grabbed underneath my skirt by a lad in the year above. At the time I felt uncomfortable but I laughed it off like I should’ve enjoyed it. I never reported it out of embarrassment and fear of either name calling or being told I...


2012 PB, aged 22 I was waiting at the bar for my drink and a man (I know his name from friends of friends) pushed up against me and groped my bum. I felt violated and shocked that someone felt that they could do that to MY body without MY consent. When I look back now, I feel frustrated...

Groped/sexual assault

2012 Natalie McCullagh, Aged 22 I worked at a bar and girls (never the lads) would sometimes be asked to go out and sell jagerbombs to customers on the floor. Most of the younger girls didn’t like to do it due to the creepy men making comments or touching them. I offered to take it...


2022 Aged 25 I was waiting at the bar for a drink, it was a busy event. An older man was waiting in the queue behind me and asked me if I was ‘from here’ and why I looked so miserable, and I told him I was just waiting for a drink and then turned back around to face the bar...

Sexual assault

2019 Aged 32 Stood at the bar and a man put his hand down my top and grabbed my breast. My partner informed the door staff and he was just asked to leave. The following day we did report it to the company but they just said “we will follow it up with door staff”. We have never returned to...

Touched up

2016, H, Aged 21

I was touched up in public against my will on my chest and down below by my now ex thought it would be enjoyable to do it in public. I slapped him in the face for doing then ran into the shop in the Hounds Hill and asked if I could hide till he went away.


2015, aged 19 I was walking to the bar through a group of older men when I felt someone grabbing my arse. I turned around and couldn’t identify which person did it but the group were all smiling and laughing. I told my boyfriend at the time and he told me there was nothing he could...


2021 Aged 23

I was working in a bar and I was clearing glasses off a table when a man grabbed my bum, I told him “don’t touch me” and he told me I should be working across the street at the lap-dance bar instead.