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Sexually harassed

Lucy, aged 26

10th June, 2023

I had been out celebrating pride and decided to go and meet a couple of friends at the pub. Unfortunately, the women’s toilets were out of use and so we had to use the men’s which had been labelled as unisex.

Whilst waiting for the cubicle a man using a urinal kept looking at me and friend. His friend came out of the cubicle and pushed himself up against my friend. We quickly tried to get into the cubicle together as the men made comments such as ‘sexy girls’.

One of the men pushed on the cubicle door and tried to get in as we were trying to close it. My friend shouted for him to go away. They both stood outside waiting for us and talking about us.

We felt very afraid and scared and had to just wait hoping they would soon leave. Fortunately a member of staff walked in and we were able to report the incident. The staff then said they would have the men removed.