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Aged 20

I had been on a regular night with a few friends and everything was going smoothly, we visited the bar as its open late and we had previously been at another bat we liked that closes early. It was busy at the bar downstairs but my friends where dancing so I thought id go to the bar upstairs and ended up chatting to a fella in the queue.

He was with a group of lads and I invited them all to come chat to us girls as me and this man where having a laugh. As I was in a group of 5 girls i couldn’t carry all the drinks downstairs so he grabbed mine and i took the other 4, after 5/10 mins of dancing i started to feel really unwell and and sick. I went outside for fresh air but started to feel really really confused.

I knew I needed to go home so I told my friends I was leaving but my words were slurred. The man I’d met at the bar followed me out to a taxi and then asked for a kiss. I said no and that i was confused and just wanted to go home. He then said that his night had been wasted and i should be grateful men should want to sleep with me as I was hard to get. As I had only had two drinks the whole evening I know I was spiked by this man. I haven’t been to the bar since and I wont be returning again.