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Sexual harassment and assault

I love the bar because of the music, but I’ve been harassed there multiple times. Men have grabbed my arse, my waist, squeezed past me whilst grabbing me as there’s “no space” which wasn’t true.

One occasion that really stands out to me is when I dropped my ring on the floor. I bent down to pick it up and a young lad put his hand up my skirt and put his finger inside me. I felt sick and in shock. It still upsets me now that someone not only touched me without my permission, but violated and assaulted me. I’m so angry they felt they had the right to do what they want to me, like I was property and not an individual with my own rights and boundaries.

Although these were terrifying situations, I was very thankful for one of the security team as they always had my back. Sadly, he’s no longer with the bar. As soon as anything happened to me, I’d go to him and he’d immediately remove them from the premises, no questions asked.

On one occasion, he kept me in the premises after the men were escorted out to ensure they weren’t there when I left. He called me a taxi and made sure I was safe. I’m so sad to know he isn’t there anymore, I didn’t feel safe before, but at least I knew I had him to look after me should anything happen.