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Catcalling and verbal abuse

Lindsay, aged 21

I worked in town from the age of 16 to 21. Every summer I would walk to or from work at various times as I worked shifts. I was wearing work trousers and no makeup and my hair tied up. Every single summer I would reach the area of Central drive daily around Bonny Street and braced myself. Stag nights, crowds of men, single drunk men would make lewd comments, step in front of me and block my way, grab my arm and when I refused to engage would start shouting abuse and laughing. This happened to me from the age of 16 onwards, regularly. This was scary and I would try to walk as quickly and forcefully through this area as I could but it didn’t stop the comments, shouting etc. This wouldn’t happen if I was with a male colleague or friend but would if they were female. Large groups of drunk men shouting at you when you are alone is terrifying. 

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