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Verbally abused and not helped by bouncers

Aged 23

I was walking home from work late at night when a man started shouting at me aggressively, we were both on the other side of the road from the Belle Vue pub. He was clearly intoxicated. I crossed the road and asked the bouncers if I could go into the Belle Vue to use the C Cabs phone at the door to ring a taxi. The bouncers would not let me in without ID. I begged them to let me use the C Cabs phone and was crying at this point and asked if they would even accompany me to the phone to make sure I wasn’t “sneaking in” but they still refused and appeared to find the whole situation amusing. I believe that the bouncers presumed that I knew the man by the way that he was shouting at me, and must have thought it was some kind of domestic, but they still should have helped me. The drunk man at this point had crossed the road so I ran into the Sainsbury’s next door. I asked the Sainsbury’s security guard if he had a phone, to which he said no, but when I explained what was happening he did find a member of staff who had a phone to help me call a taxi and I was able to wait inside the shop until one came. 

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